Rentec Construction Assistance is an independent Norwegian Rigging & Operation contractor who works in collaboration with other contractors on the largest construction sites in Norway. We have dedicated project managers and teams who are able to cooperate with all the different partners on a busy construction site. The last 20 years have led to our employees gaining high competence and accurate skills – also in Facade Installation and other Complex Installation. We getting things done.

Electrostatic filters saves energy and provides significant savings on operating costs. Such air filters have the same profile as regular bag filters and can easily improve the efficiency of cleaning the air in the existing system. Scandinavian Air Filtration offers electrostatic air filters for conventional ventilation units with both vertical and horizontal mounting. Rentec represents SAF in Norway. Download Technical facts as pdf. See also homepage for SAF Products.

Djamshed Mavlanov installs the last panels for the ventilation system ‘Cool ceiling’ in Bankveien 11-14 in Asker, outside Oslo. This ceiling ventilation system does not use ventilation ducts in the ceiling, but uses the entire ceiling space as an air reservoir. Fresh air is released into the room without any kind of unpleasant draft. Rentec collaborates with established ventilation players and represents Cool Ceiling in Norway. Download our interactive pdf brochure, read more and watch the films. (Only in Norwegian). PDF (mac/phone/tablet 118Mb), or PowerPoint presentation (mac/pc 178Mb) 

The Nordic climate presents big challenges on the construction site in the winter time. SiteCover ensures that the work can be carried out faster – in a dry ‘indoor’ environment every day – all year round. SiteCover covers the entire building and has internal cranes, which simplifies internal logistics. At the same time, good control is achieved with materials and goods movement. SiteCover provides better working conditions, simplifies the construction process and lowers the costs. Rentec wants to focus on innovative solutions and represents SiteCover in Norway. Read more on