RenTec AS - rådgivende ingeniør og utførende entreprenør i Norge.

Oslo Pavilions

Samarbeidspartner: Lindner Group GmbH
Samarbeidspartner: Lindner Group GmbH
Project: Terminal 2, Oslo Airport

Description: Since the extension of the main terminal and the new construction of “Pir Nord”, Olso Airport is capable of processing about 30 mn passengers per year. The new terminal uses its 300 metres in length to house eleven new gates including restrooms, restaurants and shops.

Rentec AS was involved construction of five free-form sales pavilions in the Pir. The support structure of the pavilions was executed with wood due to numerous reasons. Afterwards, it was panelled with gypsum fibre and then finished with lime plaster.
The pavilions inner and outer claddings conceal a complex timber framework. The organic form and the demanded level of fire protection were achieved with a multi-layered convex gypsum cladding. The interior hull was cladded with triangular metal panels. Due to the irregular forms within the pavilions, each panel is unique.

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