Like we have been doing since 1994, we continue the work in the construction industry. During this time, we have assembled a team of first-rate specialists, established a comprehensive material and technical base, gathered a lot of experience, and established ourselves as a reliable contractor/subcontractor.

Today, Rentec Construction Assistance is a dynamic company with 110 employees. We are now participating in national construction projects such as: National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (PNN) – Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Campus Ås (NMBU) – Oslo Airport, Non-Schengen Area (UNSØ), and more.

We have also participated in more than 20 other major construction projects in Norway, such as the Norwegian Opera House, Stavanger Concert Hall, Oslo Airport, Bergen Airport, The New Munch Museum, and Deichman Main Library. We specialize in three sectors: Rigging & Operation, Facade Installation and Complex Installation.

Key Resources

Rune Larsen, CEO 
+47 909 84 74

Filip Mielow, Senior Advisor 
+47 474 85 756

Stein Åkesson, Head of Projects
+47 901 18 451

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