Facade Installation. Stretching the skin of a building requires special skills. For the past five years, Rentec has assembled a very skilled facade team that participates in challenging tasks on new signature buildings in Norway. Such as MUNCH!, National Museum of Art – Architecture and Design, The Twist – and DEICHMAN Library. Working outside, up in the air, requires good security of expensive equipment and valuable crew. Rentec is concerned that workers and clients should feel secure that the guidelines in the workplace are followed. Razor-sharp accuracy is necessary to be able to mount prefabricated facade panels and glass panels as described by the drawings of manufacturers and architects.

We are careful to document the work we perform at all times, this also applies to deviations and deficiencies. Then it will be easier for the client and possibly order more or new materials. – And whether Rentec also has other tasks in the workplace, e.g. rig and operation, we can also in a short time to allocate more labor – so that it becomes possible to meet tight deadlines.

National Museum of Art,  Architecture and Design, Oslo. Client: Roschmann Group. Rentec Construction Assistance has installed glass panels inside the Light Hall of the National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design (PNN) in Oslo. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg. Architect: Kleihues + Schuwerk. Project and Building Management: Statsbygg. Project owner: The Ministry of Culture in Norway.

MUNCH. New Museum in Bjørvika, Oslo. Client: Skandinaviska Glassystem. Rentec has installed glass surfaces and perforated aluminum panels. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg. Architect: Estudio Herreros. Project and Building Management: HENT. Project owner: Oslo kommune, Kultur- og Idrettsbygg Oslo KF.

Harbitz Torg Office Building, Oslo. Client: Veidekke. Rentec has installed facade modules in stone, oak and metal. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg. Architect: LPO Arkitekter. Project and Building Management: Veidekke. Project owner: Møller Eiendom.

Deichman Bjørvika. Main Library, Oslo. Client: Roschmann Group. Rentec has installed glass surfaces and perforated aluminum panels. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg.  Architect: Lund Hagem arkitekter and Atelier Oslo, Norway Project and Building Management: ÅF Advansia. Project owner: Oslo kommune, Kultur- og idrettsbygg Oslo KF.

‘The Twist’ – Kistefos New Museum, Jevnaker. Client: Skandinaviska Glassystem. Rentec has installed glass surfaces. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg. Architect: BIG – Bjarke Ingels Group. Project and Building Management: Bladt Industries. Project owner: Kistefos Museum. Photo: Anniken Neste.

Vestsiden Junior High School, Kongsberg. Client: ChromoGenics. Rentec has installed ConverLight dynamic skylight energyglass facade solution. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg. Architects: DRMA and Enerhaugen arkitektkontor. Project and Building Management: Skorve Entreprenør. Project owner: Kongsberg kommunale eiendom.

Østfoldbadet. Waterpark, Askim. Client: Weberg Prosjekt. Rentec has installed perforated metal facade panels. Architect: Halvorsen & Reine. Project and Building Management: Askim Entreprenør. Project Owner: Østfoldbadet.

Ticon One Building, Drammen. Client: ChromoGenics. Rentec has installed ConverLight energyglass facade solution. Subcontractor: LMK-bygg. Architect: Halvorsen & Reine. Project and Building Management: POB Entreprenør. Project Owner: Ticon Eiendom.