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Smart Ceiling System

Unique climate ceiling system reducing height between floors
Unique climate ceiling system reducing height between floors

Construction calls for new solutions and new solutions call for innovative thinking. Smart Ceiling is a climate ceiling system reducing height between floors, shortening construction time, resulting in a better overall economy. Rentec AS has exclusive rights to install and sell the "Smart Ceiling" system on the territory of Norway.

“Smart Ceiling” is the fruit of skills and hard work. The solution is greeted by a hands-on approach combined with an innovative approach to solving often complicated challenges. With the use of natural laws and smart design, it was invented a combined cooled Ceiling and ventilation solution, which can reduce the floor height and provide space for multiple floors at high build height. This means: no ducts, design freedom, shorter construction time, no maintenance, and it contributes to lower energy consumption.

*Burj Khalifa is stated as 828 meters in height over 165 floors and hosting 330,000 m2 , hence if we assume approx. 800 mm on average used on each floor between floor separation and false ceiling, using the “Smart Ceiling” ; a 300 mm solution could have secured the following options: 828 meters in height but achieving 181 floors and hosting 362,000 m2 or reducing the height to 740 meters over the same 165 floors and providing same 330,000 m2 space.
The last would not have occurred, as it was also driven by an ambition to secure the highest building in the world.

“Smart Ceiling” is therefore a sustainable solution that can handle large refrigeration requirements without condensation and draught inconvenience and meets the requirements for indoor climate category A. “Smart Ceiling” is patented and developed in close cooperation with and tested by the Danish Technological Institute.


• Air inlet from the main ventilation system over the ceiling (no ducts)
• VAV-Damper
• Smart Ceiling (Metal Ceiling)
• Inlet diffusers mounted in the ceiling
• Exhaust diffusers can be placed in the ceiling, in the wall or where it is best for the design of the room

• Ventilation, cooling and heating in the same installation
• No Ducts
• Low differential pressure (Energy saving) – 300 mm above ceiling
• Reduced floor height (gross)
• Cover large cooling needs up to 100W/m2 in Indoor Climate Cat. A
• No Draught
• Variable airflow 25-100%
• Flexible ceiling solutions
• Short construction period
• Design, calculation and documentation

Where can “Smart Ceiling contribute” to sustainability:

1) Integrated Design Process:

Relevant qualifications and subject areas are included in the planning process.
If guidance of ”Smart Ceiling” is included early in the design process, it may be possible to build lower or more floors. Ventilation systems can be minimised and reduce installation costs.
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) – Primary Energy
3 Resource Indicators:
• consumption of non-renewable energy
• consumption of primary energy
• share of renewable primary energy
With ”Smart Ceiling”, ventilations systems should only be dimensioned according to volume of fresh air, as energy can be added via fan coils. Less volume of air results in a smaller duct system and lower energy consumption.
”Smart Ceiling” has lower pressure drop, which also provides less energy consumption.

2) Thermic Comfort:
Users’ satisfaction with the indoor climate; no excess temperature, draught or cold radiation.
”Smart Ceiling” causes no draught or condensation problems and produces 100 Watt/m2 in indoor climate category A.
JS Koncept’s calculation programme, developed by The Danish Technological Institute, makes a complete and accurate calculation of air and temperature. This calculation is made for all rooms and equals as documentation for the system. With this documentation it is only necessary with regulation for the room and not for every inlet diffuser.

3) Indicators
• CO2 concentration below 1000 ppm
• measuring of volatile organic compound (VOC). TVOC-concentration below 3000 µg/m3
• formaldehyde concentration below 100 µg/m3
All components of the metal ceiling are free from formaldehyde and are therefore assigned to Class E1.
The manufacturer declares that no substances were used for manufacturing metal ceilings, which cause hazardous emissions, thus no initial test is required. Furthermore, sub-structure compo-nents and covering layers were tested for compliance with the reference values for volatile organ-ic compounds (VOC) according to the assessment system of the German Committee for Health-Re-lated Evaluation of Building Products (AgBB).
”Smart Ceiling” is not a part of the problem, but part of the solution because the system supplies fresh air.

4) Users’ possibility for controlling the indoor climate:
Focus on the fact that users, to a great extent, can control ventilation, solar radiation and glare shielding, temperature and lighting.
”Smart Ceiling” is controllable through CO2 and temperature of plain operation.

5) Fire Proofing and Safety:
Compliance of current fire regulations.
“Smart Ceiling” complies with the current fire regulations with a fire damper for each room like all other ventilation systems.
The fire classification was verified in accordance with EN 13501-1 and certified by classification reports from „MPA Stuttgart” (Notified Body No. 0672).

6) Acoustics and Soundproofing:
To be evaluated from e.g. reverberation time in primary room.
”Smart Ceiling” is the markets’ best metal ceiling
Class B (alpha) w = 0.80
Further acoustics muffling can be mounted over the ceiling.

7) Maintenance and cleaning-friendliness of buildings:

To be evaluated from e.g. maintenance grade and cleaning-friendliness.
”Smart Ceiling” consists of no movable parts and needs no maintenance. The system has smooth surfaces and is very cleaning-friendly; with either a vacuum cleaner or a dry or damp cloth. In kitchens, laboratories etc. where standards may be higher, surfaces without perforation should be used.

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